Robert Carrick

I am a 4th generation grower. I was raised on our family farm and saw crops being set from the age of 4. My father and late mother started to grow tomatoes and other greenhouse crops from the early 1980’s.

In 1991 I attended the Horticultural College in Warrenstown. It was here where I learned about plant propagation and to grow broccoli for the first time. In 1993 when I finished college I began a plant raising business in our greenhouse and my parents began to grow broccoli on a field scale of approximately 20 acres of rented land. When my father and late mother began growing first they were mainly market gardeners, growing salad crops in greenhouses. However in later years they began growing broccoli, as the markets grew more for this type of product.

I took over the business in 2010 as my father became ill in 2009 and we now grow in excess of 100 acres of fresh produce. We rent all our land that we grow the crops on. We now employ 5 full time staff and approximately 10 seasonal staff when the season hits its peak from late May to the end of November.

Our first job on the farm is the sowing of our 1st broccoli which usually begins in mid-January. Depending on weather we start planting out our crop in late march and hopefully begin harvesting on the 20th of June again weather depending. We would have broccoli for the whole season through to the end of November.
Our broccoli is freshly picked each morning, and as the orders come in the broccoli is then packed to order, these orders are then placed in our specially designed cold-room. Each delivery is made that day and hopefully in the chef’s kitchen that same evening.
Freshness is key to quality of our broccoli. Something we take great pride in.
We have invested heavily in our growing techniques such as growing covers something that has helped us achieve better quality and consistency of our product.